Life in Dogtown is great, but a few special pups get to help elsewhere around the Sanctuary. They’re the office dogs, and Zeus gets the opportunity to visit the Best Friends accounting office every Monday.

Though he doesn’t help crunch numbers, Zeus does keep the office protected from plush toys. In fact, they don’t stand a chance. He’s also happy to keep everyone’s lap warm. And though he doesn’t quite fit, he manages to make it work.

Zeus just exudes joy. In fact, after less than an hour with him, he made it feel as though I’d made a friend for life. Staff accountant Leslie Zion has hosted Zeus weekly for about a year and wasn’t at all surprised at his enthusiastic welcome. She says that he really knows how to turn on the charm.

A recent medical issue resulted in the removal of one of his eyes ― ouch! Zeus needed a bit of time to recover, but when I met him only a week after the surgery, he was all smiles. In fact, Leslie reports that he seems to be feeling better than ever. Plus, it’s plain to see, the pirate look suits him well.

See Zeus in action as the world’s cutest leprechaun during a St. Patrick’s Day Facebook Live video. Like what you see? You can wake up to his glorious smile every day. And to add to his many advantages, Zeus’ adoption fee, and even his flight home, are free.

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