This story was submitted by Ken and Karen who traveled from Pennsylvania to volunteer at Best Friends. While visiting, they met and fell in love with Annette. ~Wendy

My wife Karen and I volunteered at the Sanctuary in early November. While there we met a little kitty that Karen took a liking to and then so did I. Her name is Annette and she has feline leukemia (FeLV).

Annette getting ready for a sleepover.

We asked and were able to take her to our cabin for a sleepover. She seemed so happy to be with us. We played and had a great time watching her investigate every corner of the cozy cabin. Bedtime came and she fell asleep on Karen. When I woke up a little later, I reached over and gave Annette a little scratch, she woke right up and came over to me for more. Annette has no teeth, so when she nibbled on my finger during play, it was more like she gummed me. We played a bit more then fell right back to sleep. She took to us like we were old friends. Breakfast came, and after some more playing we returned Annette to Cat World.

She is such a sweet cat and would be a wonderful addition to any home.