Brady arrived in 2006 from California. This guy could make an impression, but unfortunately not a good one. Brady is a large red Ridgeback mix who was so worried about everything that he decided it was better to scare off people before they scared him. Brady would lunge at everyone! He was intense and pretty sure that having you leave was the outcome he wanted. So he left that shelter in California and made the trip to Utah.

Like many other dogs, Brady needed time to decompress and knowledgeable care from people who understood that he wasn’t inherently mean. He was just terribly scared. It took some time, but Brady relaxed. Underneath that formidable facade, Brady turned out to be a snuggle bug with a silly streak. That streak was expressed last October when caregivers discovered that Brady loved wearing a Halloween costume. Nose into the wind, Brady posed for photos while caregivers and lucky volunteers cheered him on.

Brady will save the day.
Brady will save the day!


As time has passed, Brady has mellowed and his sweet nature has been revealed. He’s also let us know that he’d prefer to be the only dog in your life. In his younger years, he was an amazing role model for shy dogs, but now he doesn’t want to share. He still needs time to warm up to new people, and change can be tough for this old guy.

A home with a consistent quiet routine would be bliss for Brady. If you have a wood shop or craft room, Brady would love to supervise (or nap) while you enjoy your hobby. Brady’s hobby would be keeping you company. That’s a hobby he’ll never outgrow and you will never tire of.