During the cold and gray winter months, you can find Chauncey and his best friend, Henri, cuddled up together in their warm cozy bed on top in the laundry room at Benton’s House.

This friendship is pretty special. Some might even say it’s magical.

Henri arrived with some pretty severe health issues and had been given only a few short months to live — three to be exact. That was more than three years ago.

Some might think this is a miracle, but at Best Friends, we like to think that it has to do with the special bond shared between Chauncey and Henri. Right after Henri arrived, the duo became inseparable. Chauncey spent a whole lot of time grooming and caring for Henri. We like to joke that Chauncey has magic spit.

It’s pretty amazing to see Henri doing so well these days, enjoying his chill life, with his BFF, Chauncey, by his side. And Chauncey? He’s doing really good. He’s very charming and knows a sucker when he sees one. As a lobby cat, Chauncey meets a lot of new people each day. All he has to do is look up at them with his big bright eyes, and suddenly he is reveling in tummy rubs and head scratches.

Life is pretty good for this big guy. We'll take great care of him, while he cares for Henri until they both find a family of their very own.