Congo knows how to lay on the charm. He has great manners, gets along with most other dogs and is a googly-eyed love bug who aims to please. Congo has been with us since 2012. He was in a prison dog program, but he was young, and that environment was a little too chaotic for this sensitive guy. He arrived with some behavioral baggage, but in the years since, he has worked hard to overcome them. He recently went on his first sleepover with a volunteer and it was a complete success. Of course we didn’t have any doubts, but it’s always nice when it works out even better than hoped.

Boxer pointer mix Congo is looking for a perfect home.

He still has some eccentricities. But they are managed well. For instance, he’s not particularly skilled at goodbyes. He can get anxious when new people leave, and has been known to nip at their feet. It’s easy to spot when he is getting worked up, so his quirks have been pretty simple to cope with. For this reason, the perfect home for Congo would probably be an adult home without lots of new people coming and going. Especially going.

Congo is very smart, loves being active but has some knee troubles. He adores car rides and gets so excited he will “style” your hair with big slobbery kisses. Mostly he just loves to have someone to snuggle with.