Update Jan. 4, 2017

I'm sorry to report that Smoochy passed away after a brief illness.

He will be missed but never forgotten. Smoochy will be remembered at our monthly Angels Rest ceremony at the Sanctuary. 


Smoochy is a fool for love, not a sentiment that is often attached to a cat. But Smoochy is no ordinary cat.

He was adopted once from Best Friends, but he had to pack his tuxedo and come on back when his person could no longer care for him. So while he’s waiting for his special someone to find him, he graces Colonel’s with his friendly self.

Smoochy loves people
Smoochy is a fool for love!

This guy took some tips from Dogtown at some point. He gives kisses, rolls on his back for belly pets and takes his (very minor) medication in a spoonful of baby food. When there are no humans to charm, Smoochy finds a sunny spot to observe the infinite possibilities of nature and life. Young at heart, Smoochy does live with other cats, but his play can be a bit rough. He’d really prefer to not compete for your love.

This dapper fellow could easily slide into just about any home. And in return, he’d be your fool for love and together you could contemplate the mysteries of the universe, or binge watch something on Netflix. Smoochy wouldn’t mind either as long as he was with you.