It’s not every day you meet a clicker-trained cat.

Gisele isn't trained to sit and shake like a “silly” dog, but to have a bit more control of her paws and mouth. Miss Gisele is a long-haired tortie. She is about four years old and full of fun. But in the past sometimes her fun meant playing with a human just like she would another cat — with teeth and claws. Delicate human skin is no match! But Gisele isn’t trying to harm anyone. She just really wants to play! 

So caregivers started to teach Gisele impulse control. Through the use of a clicker and very yummy treats, Gisele was taught how to gently touch humans. She’s learning that as long as she uses her gentle touches, the games can continue. So she has every right to be smug.

Gisele is ready for a fun home of her own with people who are looking for a cat full of “tortitude.”