Grandma Dulcie quietly monitors the activity from her perch, covered in the coziest blankets. She has amazing eyes and the most gravelly voice. She will use that voice to scold visitors for either not paying her enough attention, or if she feels her dinner is late.

Dulcie has a feline bodyguard. His name is Sven. He is a lanky, much younger fellow who dotes on Dame Dulcie. When caregivers administer her daily fluids, Sven will monitor the progress and give his adopted grammy encouraging licks on the head — to which she responds with a scolding meow that makes all her caregivers chuckle. It’s as if she says, “I’m fine. I’m fine now. Run along and play with the other children.”

Her caregivers (along with Sven) watch over her lovingly to make sure her senior years are peaceful. We look forward to Dulcie having a quiet loving home to live out her golden years in comfort — with meals delivered right on time.