“That dog has a big head!”

“Oh, you must mean Remington. Yep, he has a huge noggin!”

Almost every day visitors or volunteers will make that same exclamation when they meet Remington. The very next thing they notice about this mastiff mix is how very sweet and gentle he is.

Remington is about four years old and came to us from a rescue group in Texas. He seems to have never met a stranger. Every person who visits his run is greeted like a dear old friend, and then made into a pillow. Funny thing is, nobody seems to mind. I mean really, with a noggin as big as Rem’s, it seems only natural to occasionally let him rest it wherever convenient.

A leg makes a comfortable pillow.
That's ok Rem, you can use my leg as a pillow.


Remington seems to be aware of his size. He moves leisurely — a peaceful amble from one person to the next. As if he doesn’t want to frighten anyone, he gives people plenty of time to prepare for his approach. There is no shortage of loving arms here at the Sanctuary for Rem to move on to.

We fully expect that someday soon, someone will decide they can't give up being Remington's head rest and take his huge noggin and the rest of him home. When that day comes, we'll miss this gentle boy, but we won't be surprised at all.