Update Dec 19, 2016

Late last week Pedro passed away. He was surrounded by caregivers who loved him dearly. Pedro will be remembered at next month’s Angels Rest ceremony at the Sanctuary. Though our hearts are heavy, the work must continue. Thank you for your kindness and support.



You’ve come such a long way Pedro.

Pedro looks up for a treat

From the streets of Phoenix, Pedro made his way to us. That was years ago when Pedro was a young dog. Semi-feral with very little use for people, his time with us at the Sanctuary required creative care and slowly Pedro learned that people are not that bad.

Pedro has never had all that much use for people in general. He has his close human friends that he gets hands on love from, but he’s just one of those guys that never was and never will be an ‘under foot’ dog. He likes his love from a distance. He lives a happy life, but it’s a private one. He even picks up his food dish and moves it so that he can eat out of sight.

At nearly 17 years of age, we are not going to push him to change. He has learned that walking with volunteers is fun, so long as they don’t try to hug him. Armed with his favorite treats, those volunteers get to enjoy his quizzical look when Pedro feels he’s not being treated frequently enough on the trail. He also likes car rides when he can view the world whizzing past the windows.

He is happy, he is loved, and he shows his nearest and dearest that he recognizes them and appreciates them with the subtlest of tail wags and soft looks. Sometimes his attention is more overt, like the joyful yowl he ‘shouts’ at his caregivers when they arrive every morning.

And that’s all perfectly fine. We are happy to love Pedro according to his terms rather than ours.

Pedro riding in the car