*Update* Lady Mojo has been adopted!

Lady Mojo is all hound. If you love goofy, sometimes stubborn and always enthusiastic dogs, Lady Mojo may be the girl you’ve been looking for. It would be helpful if you had some hound dog experience. Lady Mojo is a loving companion, but when her hound kicks in, she might temporarily forget that just a moment ago she wanted to be with you and opt to chase whatever it was that caught her eye.

Lady Mojo loves playing fetch

Ms. Mojo was surrendered to us from a neighboring community. Her “crime” was ― you guessed it ― being a hound. She has been known to bay and bark. She’s chased a cat, a cow ― well, honestly, if it moves she’ll probably chase it. Walking her became much less of an adventure when she was fitted with a head harness. Now when she spots a deer while on her morning walk, she jumps straight up and down like a pogo stick instead of trying to drag a volunteer down the trail in hot pursuit.

In typical hound fashion, and as reported from her sleepovers, she has an off switch and loves to snuggle and relax on the couch. Lady Mojo has strong opinions about how other dogs should act, so we consider her “selective.” If you have other dogs in your home, they’d all have to meet in advance. She lives with other dogs now, and they have a blast racing around their yard.

Naps are good

Lady Mojo is a great dog. She just needs a home that is looking for a hound and not a Chihuahua. She needs an active family that will take her on lots of walks or jogs, so that she is busy and not left to get into mischief. She is fantastic at nose work, so if you’ve ever had an interest in trying out this new sport, she’d love to show you the ropes.