Update: Chunk has been adopted!  ~Wendy

This story was submitted by volunteer Joyce, who fell in love with Chunk while volunteering at the Sanctuary ~Wendy

Would you like to fall in love, be truly happy? They say a person needs just three things to be truly happy in this world: something to love (Chunk), something to do (spend time with Chunk), and something to hope for (a forever home for Chunk). At Best Friends, we can do all of these things.

I met Chunk while making dreams come true by visiting and volunteering at Best Friends in Kanab, Utah. First, offer to volunteer at Dogtown. Second, offer to do a sleep over. Third, request to do an outing.

I have looked into Chunk's eyes with my eyes. I have put my heart near his heart as he snuggled in close. I received more love in three days then I could ever have dreamed possible. Invitations impossible to resist; rollovers offering his belly for rubbing, a kiss to lift my spirits, a meaningful gaze, (I swear this goofy guy smiles).

A happy wag of his tail as he enjoyed car rides, leisurely walks and a photo op or two, or three (boy can he strike a pose, lol.) Chunk is the perfect companion.

As I fulfilled one dream, I began having a new dream, that Chunk finds a forever home soon. I double dog dare you to not fall in love with Chunk.

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