The mile high city of Denver is where Cullen’s story starts. Though he’s not telling how he ended up at a managed feral cat colony, he was in really poor shape. The person who cared for the colony noticed Cullen shortly after he arrived. Thin and bedraggled, this large orange cat was the lowest of the low in the cat hierarchy within the colony. Cullen wasn’t allowed to approach food or humans. He was beaten up if he tried. But being as big as he is, this was a little puzzling. Cullen was trapped and transported to a clinic for possible humane euthanasia due to his declining health and poor prospects.

Everything changed once Cullen got to the clinic. He was clearly a sociable guy. This big ginger tomcat turned on the charm by purring and “talking” with any staff member who would listen. But he wasn’t well. His teeth were a disaster, he tested positive for the feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV), and so it wasn’t any wonder at all why he couldn’t flourish in the colony. So on the day that could have been his last, the staff at the small Colorado clinic decided it would be the first day of a bright future.

They got to work. First they tended to his health, and second, they got busy reaching out to safe places for Cullen to recover. Through their efforts and tenacity, these wonderful folks advocated for Cullen to come to Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, so in 2014 Cullen made the trip to Utah and became a resident at Cat World.

But that’s not the end of the story!

We want Cullen to have a home of his own and be a beloved companion to someone out there who can take extra special care of this resilient guy. Could he be the kitty you have been looking for?  We all hope that Cullen will get his happily-ever-after someday. And we are so grateful to everyone who has helped this wonderful cat along the way.