Sven watches over (some might say pesters) his adopted feline grandmother Dulcie. She squawks in her gravelly voice and Sven comes running. Sven needed a hobby, so he decided to make looking after her his hobby. It’s not a terribly stressful job, and Dulcie seems to tolerate (some might also say enjoy) his companionship.

When Sven isn’t busy tending to Dulcie, he is most often found lounging in the catio. He is a handsome long-limbed gray tiger with the most beautiful green eyes. He just lies around watching caregivers go about their business, and seems interested in watching the other cats get photographed.

Flirty guy Sven is ready for a home.

Sven arrived in 2014 and at that time he was a bit shy about human handling. In the years since, he has learned that people are nice, and they have these marvelous things called fingers which are really great for chin scratches. Truthfully, if you move too quickly around Sven he gets a little nervous. It’s a thoughtful reminder that most of the time we humans do need to slow down and enjoy life a little more.

While Sven waits patiently for someone to fall head over heels in love with him, we’ll take good care of him. He’s an easy guy to love.