Do you know all those memes out on the internet that poke fun at kitties who like to be petted, but only a certain number of times? And the number changes, depending on who does the petting and when the petting occurs? Well, it seems they were all referring to beautiful Zee.

Zee is very sociable. She is sweet, but she can get mixed up and show her love by biting you. This complexity caused her to lose her home in New York. Her elderly person developed an infection after a bite accidentally drew blood. Her physician said Zee had to go. A neighbor moved heaven and earth to get Zee to the Sanctuary.

Over-stimulation in cats is not all that uncommon. And it’s not an indication of true aggression. They just don’t know the difference between acceptable cat play and unacceptable. Human skin is much more delicate than that of their kitty siblings, so what is completely OK when interacting with another cat can leave us puny humans bleeding. There are lots of ways to mitigate this behavior. With a little work and some natural cat savvy, Zee could be a wonderful addition to a home.

Zee is a lovely steel grey kitty who needs a cat savvy home.
Pretty Zee sunbathing


She would do best as an only pet, but she has a personality big enough to fill any space.


Zee was adopted and has gone home! ~Wendy