Jan 6, 2017: Shodu has been adopted! ~Wendy

Every desk at Dogtown generally has a dog under it — and frequently more than one. Dogs enjoying time away from their octagon life, or dogs with separation anxiety, or sometimes personal pets are tasked with keeping our desks and chairs from floating away, as well as help with keeping things tidy. They aren’t really very skilled at dusting, but boy do they ever enjoy crumb patrol.

So it wasn’t unusual to see a dog behind the Dogtown volunteer coordinator’s desk, but the dog there just wasn’t the dog I was expecting. A fluffy black puppy was snoring away as if he hadn’t slept in a month. I love puppies. I love sleeping puppies more. Sleeping puppies hold still for photos, and generally, your shoelaces escape unchewed.

I carefully stepped over the gate and got on the floor next to the sleeping puppy, and as I took a few pictures, one eye slowly opened. “Grrr,” said sleepy Shodu.

Shodu is a pyr mix pup
Shodu gets some sleep


I think I may have snorted, and both volunteer coordinators dissolved in laughter. When poor little Shodu was actually awake and proper introductions were made (mostly to show him that the camera was just a magic light catching box and not something that was going to eat him), I made amends for scaring him and we became fast friends. That’s kind of the way it is with puppies. They forgive and forget.

Shodu came to our Puppy Care Center with his Pyrenees mix littermates from a network partner in the neighboring community of Page, Arizona. He is the smallest of the litter, and his siblings decided that they were going to pick on him — all pretty normal in the scheme of puppy development. But Mom didn’t come in with them, so she wasn’t there to break up the scuffles. So Shodu got to hang out at the desk to give everyone a break and he really did like catching up on his zzz's.