Update: Gus has been adopted! ~Wendy

"Oh woe is me… “

And they say dogs can’t talk! Gus just uses those eyes.

Gus arrived at the Sanctuary this summer. He's a mature guy at about 7 years old, but he was carrying way too much weight for his frame. Welcome to Dogtown Gus, you are on a diet!

Gus is none too thrilled with his weight loss plan. I can relate. But just as he was making progress and shedding those pesky pounds, he sustained an injury to his knee which sidelined much of his physical activity. He still takes a few laps around his yard, ears flapping in the breeze.

Gus likes to sit and listen.
Gus keeps on walking, ears blowing in the breeze.

So the veterinary team and his caregivers are working on a treatment plan to get Gus back in the game, but in the meantime, Gus is enjoying the hiatus with low-impact activities, like napping, and sunbathing and quiet office hours where he supervises the goings on around him.

Gus takes it easy after an injury

Good boy Gus, you'll be back in rabbit chasing condition in no time!