Olivia sails around the lobby at Morgaine’s with determination in her eyes. This senior domestic short-haired beauty has a penchant for stirring things up. In other words, she has a bit of sass.

Olivia has an independent streak and sometimes doesn’t appreciate the company of her feline roomies. It’s not surprising that she occasionally ignores the other cats she lives with — until they cross the line. That line is redefined every day. Offenses that other cats can be accused of include the following: sleeping in her puddle of sunshine, sitting on her perch and spending too much time with her caregiver.

Another prime example of life with Olivia was her teasing of Romm, who lived with Olivia at Morgaine’s until he went into foster care. Olivia would perch herself above him and dangle a languid paw just above his head, waiting for the perfect moment to swat him. He never really seemed to catch on, and Olivia knew it. Naughty girl.

Olivia is almost 15 years old and, despite her sass, has some senior and weight-related issues. She receives special laser therapy to help ease some of her joint issues. It's hard to lose weight when you don't feel much like exercising!

Until the perfect family for Olivia comes along, we'll love her and help her manage living with so many roomies! She gets lots of alone time, so that she has the breaks she needs to feel her happiest. And a happy Olivia means that everyone is happy!