There has never been a more energetic, focused cookie catcher in the whole wide world — or at least here at the Sanctuary. It’s good to be involved with sports and have a hobby or two. Wilson is a well-rounded fellow in that regard. Wilson’s hobbies are geology and archaeology. His penchant for excavating large holes in his run is legendary, but did you also know that he collects rocks? He gathers them for reasons he has failed to explain, and stores them in a little pile in his crate. We aren’t sure why some rocks are selected for this honor and others aren’t. But we don’t judge.

Wilson collects rocks and keeps them in his crate.

Wilson has been at the Sanctuary since 2009. During that time, we’ve learned that some of his eccentricities are due to canine obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). He’s on medication, which has helped, but he is still an avid resource guarder. That behavior will have to be managed throughout his life. It’s all part of the Wilson package, and we think he is wonderful and worth the extra effort.

Wilson is more than just his hobbies and eccentricities. He’s loyal, goofy and always entertaining. Of course we hope that Wilson will find an adoptive home of his own. But until then we’ll give him all the love he deserves!

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