Bart has a full-time job. He and his friend Auggie work at the Best Friends Visitor Center. His job has quite a bit of variety. Sometimes he is a greeter, sometimes he’s a therapist (people naturally like to tell him their troubles), sometimes he is on security duty and he patrols the whole place making sure it’s up to scratch.

Bart would do well as an only cat, he loves people and would prefer not to share his human friends. He can live with other cats, but his play style can be a little ‘much’ for them. He has feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV) so that needs to be part of the conversation if you already have felines in your home. 

The staff at the Visitor Center will be hard pressed to find a replacement for Bart, but it’s a struggle they will happily undertake because it means Bart finally found a home of his very own.