Penelope has never met a stranger. This young black cat is all confidence and curiosity. She came to the Sanctuary from a home with too many animals. But instead of being scared like many pets from these situations, this girl is bold!

On a recent sunny afternoon Penelope spotted a new human visiting her room at Benton’s. She locked on like a missile, rushing to make sure she met the new arrival first. After Penelope said hello, she prowled the cattery, keeping tabs on her new friend and making sure that if he had a toy, she got the first swipe, swat or leap toward catching it. Penelope is endearing in her determination.

Penelope is a healthy young cat and loves to play, but can be a little bossy with other cats. When not trying to be in charge, she is fantastic with other cats. Her special friend is a kitty named Caliente who is very shy. A little bit of magic happens when Penelope, his security blanket, naps with him. With Penelope at his side, suddenly Caliente is just a little bit braver and lets people get a little closer for a little longer.

Penelope naps with Claiente

Hopefully soon, someone will see this little black cat for the treasure she is and take her home. Until then we’ll keep her safe and take great care of her while she brightens our day with her charming antics.