Mustang is a bit shy with people. However if humans are quiet, patient and give Mustang a bit of time to assess them, he really does love their attention. And he’s a talker. He made friends with a staff person who visits a couple times a year from Texas and he recognizes her within moments of her arrival. The love is mutual. Jennifer makes a point of visiting Mustang every time she's here. She would take him home in a heartbeat, except that her current kitty simply won't tolerate another feline in the house. So Jennifer makes the most of her visits by spending much of her time with him.

Mustang smiles in the sun
Mustang smiles for a photo.


An ideal home for Mustang would include other felines, especially if it included one or more of his current pals (Cheech, Santana and Zulu). He can usually be found snuggled up in a happy tangle of fur and feet with one of those guys. A retirement style life, days filled with napping on a bookshelf or birdwatching through a window with easy going humans would be heaven on earth for Mustang.