Sunbear arrived at Best Friends in desperate condition. She lived in the Clinic for many weeks while be treated for multiple health issues. In addition to veterinary care, Sunbear needed someone to look after her 24 hours a day in a less frantic environment. 

Enter Val. 

Tova and Val on adoption day.
Tova and Val on adoption day.

Val offered to foster Sunbear until she was well enough to be adopted. She’d take this crusty, underweight, unwell dog into her home and get her on the road to recovery. It’s often not an easy task. Fostering dogs absolutely saves their lives, but often these dogs have unknown backgrounds - so you could be dealing with housebreaking issues, behavior challenges etc. It takes enormous emotional strength to love them, help them heal, and then let them go.

The photo’s speak for themselves and Sunbear blossomed under Val’s tender care. But something else blossomed, Val fell for Sunbear and decided to ‘fail’ as a foster and just like that Sunbear - now Tova is home forever.

Thank you, Val! Tova is a very lucky dog.

And thank you, everyone, for caring about and sponsoring Tova's recovery. Stories like this are only possible because of caring people just like you.