Update: We are thrilled to let you know that Shug found her forever home on July 4th! Happy Independence day Shug! ~Wendy 

Sometimes life just gets so exciting that it’s tough for Shug to contain herself. That’s understandable because Dogtown can be a pretty exciting place — so many sights, smells and other dogs. Regrettably, that can result in some extra barking when you’re as picky about your canine companions as Shug is.

No problem. That’s why her caregivers work with her via “look at that” (LAT) training. Every walk both begins and ends with a tasty treat, and Shug is learning to focus on her caregiver instead of the distractions around her. Now walks are not only quieter, they’re tastier.

Actually, when it comes to food, Shug has her caregivers wrapped around her little paw. Sure, living in the kitchen in Deja’s has its taste test advantages. However, her regular meals, which are always delivered in food puzzles, engage her mind as well as her belly. When she realizes she’s about to get one, she can’t contain her enthusiasm and does a little song and dance routine, which her caregivers call the Shuggie Boogie.

Shug is not only a mealtime cheerleader, she’s a smarty. Rather than chase the food puzzle willy nilly all over the room, she’s learned a few tricks: either get the Kong Wobbler up on the carpet for traction or, when all else fails, push it into a corner to keep those kibbles flowing. And Shug could be an economics professor. Unlike many dogs, she understands the law of diminishing returns. Once the puzzle is down to a few morsels, she stops, realizing it’s just not worth the effort. Clever dog!

You could enjoy the Shuggie Boogie every day with a dog who is great with all people. It seems like she’s never met a stranger. And because Shug is a Best Friends solo artist, her adoption fee is waived and she’ll even receive a free flight home.

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