Update: Hodgey has been adopted! ~Wendy

Hodgey came to the Sanctuary from Soul Dog Rescue, an organization that helps animals in need in rural communities on Native American reservations. Hodgey arrived with her friend Rizzoli and they both spent their first few weeks being cared for in our Clinic. They had mange, but lucky Hodgey didn’t have it as severely as Rizzoli and kept her fluffy red coat.

Like other puppies, all Hodgey wants to do is play! At about eight months old, this fluffy gal has plenty of energy. She loves to chase a ball, but bringing it back to you is something she’s working on. Friendly, outgoing and petite, she’s going to be a fun companion for many years to come.

And get used to the “stink eye” when you don’t throw her ball fast enough.