Update: Since publishing this story, Gus has gone home! Congratulations to Gus and his new family!


Remember Gus?

Gus, a seven-year-old beagle mix, arrived at the Sanctuary almost a year ago, weighing in at 80 pounds. Poor Gus was severely overweight and his health was poor. He struggled to move around and got tired quite easily. As Gus settled in at Dogtown, he began a diet and exercise regimen. Since Gus could only walk very short distances, one of the ways he enjoyed enrichment was to ride in a yellow wagon nicknamed the Gus Bus. This allowed him to get out with volunteers and enjoy the fresh air without having to overexert himself.   

Over time Gus lost weight at a healthy rate and began to walk farther. Gus is now a completely different dog than when he arrived last year.  He’s at a healthy weight and can go for walks with his run mates without tiring. He loves to investigate the dog park and examine all the new sights and smells there by following his beagle nose.

Gus’ newest enjoyment is hydrotherapy.  He attends sessions twice a week and walks on an underwater treadmill. Since Gus loves water, he thinks his physical therapy sessions are terrific, and we hope the sessions help him build strength in his rear legs. Gus is now at a healthy weight, and the Gus Bus has been retired. We’ll miss seeing him ride, but Gus now prefers to walk!