Updated 1/3/17 - Tahiti is adopted!  ~Wendy

Tahiti is one heck of a dog. She is stunningly gorgeous, wicked smart, incredibly loyal and has a memory that could give an elephant a run for his money. Since coming to Best Friends more than seven years ago,


Tahiti has excelled at all of our advanced enrichment activities such as treibball, nosework and agility. She’s also been around the block on all the trails and loves walking with her nose to the sand. A simple short walk with Tahiti can take about 40 minutes if you let her stop and smell all the dog pee (I mean um, roses).

Deeper into Tahiti’s love of life and all things active and fun there is a big heart for her people. Tahiti bonds exceptionally fast with people, which has actually made it difficult to find this senior a home. Once bonded, Tahiti can be reluctant to let new people into her bubble or her owner’s bubble. This can be a challenge for people who are looking for a dog to take places, or for folks who like to have people over. However, the love for her person is unmatched by any other four-legged friend. Tahiti is officially the best cuddler at Maggie’s, her home in Dogtown.


Tahiti would excel with a seasoned Aussie adopter who can keep her brain smart and her body moving in a responsible environment with minimal exposure to new people or other animals. During her time at Dogtown, she has also developed some select reactivity to vehicles. If you drive a white pickup truck or live on a golf course, you may have your hands full!

When Tahiti isn’t out and about exercising her big brain or active body she enjoys collecting and playing with toys of all shapes and sizes. During the warmer months Tahiti loves to hang out poolside and is a big help handling the hose when it’s time for a refill. Tahiti knows exactly what she wants and will keep looking for that one person who can give it to her.