*Update 7/14/17*

I'm so very sorry to let you know that Little Callie has passed. She was a much-beloved part of our Sanctuary family and she will be deeply missed.


Little Callie is 17 years old. That’s a pretty nice old age for a cat! The Sanctuary has been her home for most of her life. She’s been through some challenging times over the years dealing with chronic environmental and food allergies. These include times of patchy fur and discomfort that required us to be creative in keeping her from scratching herself to bits by utilizing soft paw claw covers, sweaters and a protective cone.

Of course, she’s had lots of good times, too. Her spunky attitude, great medical care and lots of love have helped pull her through them. Several years ago, Callie went through a year of weekly, especially formulated allergy injections that changed so many things for her!

She no longer had to wear the protective cone. The sweaters went away next, followed by the soft paws. Her fur grew back and for the first time in years she could groom herself and be comfortable.

Today, Little Callie has soft fur, gentle eyes and a very demanding yowl. She holds a position of prestige as an “office cat” at Cat World headquarters where she shares an office with Sherri, an adoption specialist.

Sherri says: "Little Callie likes to get in boxes and to lay on my keyboard. Every morning starts the same way. She purrs a greeting and I purr back even though she's deaf now. She comes over to the keyboard and we have some cuddle time.

"Callie has trained me to pick her up. It's a very clear demand. She'll stand by my feet and yowl until I turn my chair and put my hands down to the ground. But I'm not to pick her up unless she stands up and walks into my hands. Only then can I hoist her up onto my lap, or she will yell at me and run off.”

We have the same hope for Little Callie that we do for all of the animals in our care — that the right family comes along and takes them home and loves them forever. But until that happens (and even if it never happens), home is right here at the Sanctuary.