Written by the student service group from George Washington University

Nothing phased five-year old Phinny. Acting as tour guide, Phinny accompanied volunteers from the George Washington University and spent the afternoon hiking and seeing the sights around the lower canyon of the Sanctuary. Phinny was in his glory. 12 people all to himself. Perfect!

“His favorite thing in the world is to spend time with people who make him feel loved. His mellow disposition and gentle spirit impressed everyone. His boundless energy was evident, but he took the time to relax in the shade (and to roll around in the sand) making everyone smile and reflect that you should play hard and nap hard.”

Phinny made a powerful impression on the student group, that every dog deserves a loving home. And while Phinny may not find a home with 12 people, and 24 hands to pet him, as long as those hands reach out to him with love, he’ll be a very happy dog.

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