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About Sanctuary Stories

Every animal who arrives at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary is an individual with a story to tell. These stories — starting with where that particular animal came from and how he or she got to the Sanctuary, to what their days are like now and what his or her future may hold — are as unique as the animals themselves.

Some animals who arrive at Best Friends need special veterinary care or a unique training approach to help overcome their pasts. Many of them just need a safe place to be cared for until their forever families find them and take them home.

Our Sanctuary is home to animals who are quirky, silly, fun, lovable and, most important of all, worthy of being saved. Each one represents the thousands of equally wonderful and deserving animals killed in shelters across the U.S. each year, simply because they don’t have safe places to call home or a safe haven along the way.

While each tale is unique, together these stories paint a picture of the healing work and the magic that happens in this special place. Through these stories we hope you’ll get a glimpse into what makes Best Friends Animal Sanctuary such special place for homeless pets, and how you can be a part of this meaningful mission.

Most of the animals we’ll feature here will be adoptable, but a few of them will spend their lives here with us. You can sponsor any one of them to help that pet live the best life possible.

We are excited to share these pets’ stories with you and hope that you'll join in this conversation. Do you have first-hand knowledge of one of our pets? Did you know them before they came to the Sanctuary? Did you volunteer here recently and meet an animal who stole your heart?

To share your thoughts, you can comment on a story or, if you'd like to contribute* your own story, please email

Share these pets on your social media account — help boost the signal and find them a home of their very own.

Thank you so much for being part of their, and our, 'Sanctuary Stories'.

*All contributions will be reviewed. We'll email you if your contribution will be featured here or we have any questions.


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