Someone was ready for company when I arrived. Bruce was front and center at his doorway, imploring me with heartfelt meows to come into his room. He didn’t need to ask. I was there just to see him.

One step in and I couldn’t help but notice the plethora of playthings: a multi-level Kuranda bed, ball-spinning toy, self-groomer arch, cube cat bed, cat tree, a variety of cat toys and even a paper bag. There were definitely enough enrichment items in there to keep even the most energetic cat entertained; however, what Bruce craves most is human attention — especially when the human is waving a wand toy.

I aimed to please and he loved the sport. Bruce’s eyes widened and his inner tiger emerged. He was sneaky and hid behind an object, only to pounce on the unsuspecting toy. Needless to say, we both had a marvelous time and I’d like to think he needed a nap after our play session. But  I suspect Bruce was up for fun once again only moments after I left.

Up for some fun? Bruce is part of the single pet program. (He’d do best in a home as a solo pet.) So that means not only is his adoption free, but also his flight home.

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