Visitors to the Sanctuary can submit kudos cards to acknowledge Best Friends employees who are doing particularly outstanding work. It’s quite an honor and, wouldn’t you know, Princess Blue overcame the species barrier. As the Best Friends Welcome Center gift shop greeter, she received a kudo. The reason? Being soft.

I can confirm the accolade was well-deserved. Her coat is like velvet. At the moment, there’s a very small bare patch shaved into her luxurious fur. Princess Blue recently had a cyst removed from a kidney. Don’t worry though, she’s doing great and is already back on duty. Plus, that praise-worthy coat is already beginning to grow back. It will be no time at all before her royal highness will be back at full splendor.

As great as her current life already is, her very own loving home would make things even better. Princess Blue is one of Best Friends’ solo artists, which means that not only is her adoption fee waived, but she also gets a free flight home.

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