When Ledger a pitbull mix is in familiar surroundings he elicits smiles from everyone he meets. He offers up a paw in greeting, and his relaxed attitude is on display.

But Ledger has some baggage that haunts him and challenges his cheerful demeanor. Ledger gets very frightened in new environments. It’s hard to balance these two aspects of his personality: goofy and confident vs frightened and cowering. It also makes finding a home for Ledger a bit more complicated.

But caregivers at the Sanctuary thrive on complicated! Dogtown and local volunteers got to work making Ledger’s comfort zone bigger. Proving to Ledger that something new wasn’t scary required teamwork, trust and some really yummy treats.  

As Ledger learns to look to his trusted friends for assurance that he is safe in new places, his world gets a bit bigger every day. You can read the full story of the work done on behalf of Ledger to help him find his balance in life. And thanks to members and sponsors, Ledger will continue to have all the help and time he needs to feel more secure and hopefully very soon to secure a loving home of his very own.