Just one look and Klaus has visitors sized up. Klaus has a knack for zeroing in on a person and seemingly hypnotizing them with his sparkling emerald-colored eyes. Volunteers working in Klaus’s room frequently report in a confused tone that one minute they were wiping down shelves, and the next thing they knew, they were seated in a chair with a lapful of blissfully purring Klaus. Despite these mysterious moments, nobody seems too upset — especially Klaus.

When Klaus first arrived at the Sanctuary in April of 2016, he had some health worries. He had been at a shelter in Michigan where it was discovered that Klaus had a chronic condition called feline viral rhinotracheitis (FVR). And on top of that, he tested positive for heartworm — typically a canine parasite, but it’s becoming more common in cats.

Klaus was brought to the Sanctuary where he could receive needed veterinary care to feel his very best. It wasn’t long before this handsome, easy-to-love cat felt better. His heartworm was treated, and although FVR cannot be cured, it is not life-threatening. When Klaus has a flare-up, his symptoms are similar to that of a kid with a cold (sneezing, runny eyes and a stuffy nose).

Klaus really is wonderful. He loves people, is good with dogs and likes other cats. We hope that someday soon this beguiling guy will zero in on that special someone who will take him home for the happily-ever-after ending we seek for all the incredible Sanctuary animals in our care.

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