Clawdia came to Best Friends from a neighboring community in December of 2018. She settled into the quiet routines of Casa de CalMar easily, quickly becoming a staff and volunteer favorite.

Her sunny disposition and habit of snoozing belly up in the warm Utah sunshine make her hard to miss. Even in a room with other cream-colored cats - you can't help but notice Clawdia.

She is a sweet loving kitty, who will fit into almost any home that can pay her just a little extra attention. Clawdia has feline leukemia virus(FeLV). Having FeLV impacts Clawdia's immune system, so she is more susceptible to illness.

Feline Leukemia(FeLV)FAQs

Clawdia enjoys the sunshine

But Clawdia is feeling great and could have many wonderful years ahead of her. We all hope that soon she will be adopted into a family that will dote on this really special girl.