Right in the center of attention is just where Doc wants to be. Although he doesn’t care to be alone, he is selective about canine companions. So what better place for him than Dogtown headquarters, where there are always plenty of dog-loving people?

In fact, it’s such a perfect place for him, Doc actually has a bed behind the volunteer desk. Walk right up and Doc offers a warm welcome that would be the envy of any hospitality department.

But what about nighttime? No worries, because every night Doc goes on a sleepover with Best Friends volunteers. Dogtown volunteer coordinators work as his “booking agents,” and word on the street is that he’s a super snuggler. He even likes to get under the covers ― but no comment on whether or not he’s a bed hog.

Doc has visited all the dog-friendly hotels, motels and vacation rental places around Best Friends. And though the distinction of being the Dogtown resident who’s gone on the most sleepovers is quite an honor, it’s time for Doc to settle down in a home of his own.

Doc is a Sanctuary solo artist, so not only is his adoption fee waived, but his flight home is free. Doc doesn’t come entirely alone, though, because a favorite stuffed snake toy goes wherever he goes.

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