Maine coon cats are known for a couple of traits: their large size and their friendly nature. Of course, every animal is an individual, but Thor must have read the description and said, “Sounds good to me.”

When I first met Thor, he was sprawled out in his catio, staying cool in the shade and enjoying the fresh air. He gave me a friendly slow blink as I sat next to him and his motor (purr) turned on instantly.

Maine coon cats arrived in their namesake state in the 1800s, but Thor arrived at the Sanctuary in February of 2017. This super friendly fellow was picked up in Utah by animal control.

Thor has made himself right at home. He wasn’t a fan of his summer haircut at first, but it did make it easier for him to stay cool and keep tidy. Caregivers report that Thor is just an easy fun cat to be around.

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