Recently Sophia Loren and a group of senior dogs climbed aboard a transport and headed north. They were all rescued and being cared for at Pima Animal Care Center in Tucson, AZ.  But like many shelters and rescues across the country, our colleagues at Pima were having a hard time finding a home for Sophia and the other senior dogs. Luckily the Sanctuary had room for this sassy group of seniors and they have all settled comfortably in a run at Old Friends in Dogtown.

Senior sweety Sophia Loren

Sophia is a gorgeous Belgian Malinois. She is majestic and a tad bit aloof. And while every dog is an individual, her aloofness is a trait of her breed. Sophia needs to have a minute to take a look at you before she decides to be friends. For about five minutes she carefully observed me while I visited with the rest of her run. Evidently I passed muster and our friendship was sealed by a quick sloppy kiss to my ear.

We don't have details of Sophia's life before landing in a shelter, but she's given us a few hints. She has the manners of a beloved pet. She walks very nicely on a leash and she just seems very comfortable around people and other dogs. She has a silly streak when it comes to young dogs... she adores them.

We all hope that the next act for Sophia Loren is right off the Dogtown stage, and into a loving home of her very own. This gracious senior will flourish in a home of her own.