When life doesn’t quite go as expected, it’s sure nice to have a friend to make things better. That’s what caregivers were thinking when they decided to see if Ford and Memory could become best friends.

Both rabbits came to the Sanctuary separately. Ford was found with a few other domestic bunnies abandoned on the side of the road (thus the name). Memory lost her home after her person passed away; however, caregivers thought they might make good roommates. Ford is rather particular about his bunny buddies and had already rejected a couple potential companions. So, everyone had fingers crossed that this pairing would succeed.

Don’t worry about putting this male and female together. All the rabbits at Bunny House, including Ford and Memory, are spayed or neutered.

So, their bonding process began. Bunnies can be extremely territorial, and care must be taken when helping two bunnies become friends. Ford and Memory were placed in a carrier for a short car ride and put into a small X-pen for five to 10 minutes. That process continued for two weeks, and as all went well, caregivers began to add items to the pen, lengthening their time together and even expanding the space. After almost a month, when a box was added to the pen and there were no tussles, caregivers knew it was a love connection.

Now the pair share a run and act as if they were longtime pals. They’ve even become volunteer favorites; however, there’s even more excitement on their horizon. Now that Ford and Memory have acclimated to each other, they’re just about ready to start clicker training. And the way this pair clicked together, they’re sure to be naturals.