When Barat first arrived at the Sanctuary, he was scared. If pushed slightly beyond his comfort zone his first instinct was to escape. Through thoughtful interactions with caregivers, volunteers and visitors, Barat gained confidence. But his nature around new things remains cautious. We've all met nervous people. It's a trait that is easy to recognize. Familiarity with the environment and trusting relationships with people help soothe Barat's worried soul. Gaining confidence has made Barat more resilient when life inevitably disrupts carefully made plans.

Recently I checked in on Barat and with help from his caregivers, took him on a little adventure. The excursion was a simple one, building upon things that Barat already liked to do. Barat can be uncomfortable when someone he doesn't know well fiddles with his collar and harness, so his caregiver Jess leashed him up and we met outside. 

Barat hopped right into the Jeep and off we went for a little ride and a nice leisurely walk - both things that Barat likes very much. When we arrived at our hiking spot, Barat politely waited for me to open the back door and grab his leash, but his exit was less than graceful and his harness and collar got twisted. Barat was super patient and let me remove his harness and untangle the leash. Once we were all straightened out, Barat shook off his stress and was ready to go!

Barat relaxed and alert.

That exact moment demonstrated how incredible Barat's progress is. Not so many months ago, even one thing going off routine would have scared Barat into trying to run away or shutting down. With his new-found confidence and resilience, Barat was able to overcome a moment of discomfort and move on bravely down the path, tail gently wagging and eyes bright with fun.

Barat's caregivers and friends know that he is ready for a home of his own. He'll need some time and patience to adjust to the new environment, but with a little of both, you'll be rewarded with an amazing companion who will want to be by your side every moment of the day.