Recently, Twyla helped her dog-friend Alexis be brave. As a wallflower herself, Twyla being a role model for dogs even shyer was not something that might occur to most folks. Good thing caregivers are as extraordinary as the dogs they care for!

While Twyla can be reserved with new people in new locations, she really likes most other dogs and is a fantastic mentor for her canine roommates. She is relaxed, confident and very treat motivated. Twyla has learned that meeting new people usually includes cookies, and who doesn't like that!  Her enthusiasm and confidence are infectious, and her canine pals follow right along with her excellent example.

Caregiver Kate L. shared "Alexis was starting to become shy with potential adopters. So we brought Twyla along whenever Alexis had a meet and greet. Having Twyla with her for the meetings soothed Alexis, and ultimately helped her get adopted!"

Pretty cattle dog mix Twyla

Twyla loves to be in the middle of the fun with her run mates, and a home of her own with other canine pals would be ideal. 

Twyla with some doggie friends.

Twyla is an incredible mentor to other dogs here at the Sanctuary, however, it's time for a home of her own. She is a unique girl with an independent streak and very simple needs. Have a home with another happy dog and maybe even a cat? Twyla could be the dog you've been looking for.