Meet Bruce or “The Bruce,” as he is affectionately called by his friends. And how could anyone ever mistake this guy for any other Bruce. He’s simply one of a kind.

Bruce was rescued following Hurricane Sandy, and he made his way west to Colorado Animal Rescue, a Best Friends network partner dedicated to finding this handsome, happy blue pit bull mix a home. When they had no luck placing the big bouncy guy, he came to live at the Sanctuary in January of 2013.

There is no telling what Bruce’s early life was like before the storm swept through. Some caregivers muse that maybe he was raised with bulls or bears, because dainty and delicate are not attributes that Bruce embodies. Personally, I think Bruce was reared by kangaroos because, boy oh boy, can this guy bounce!

Time and training have mellowed Bruce. He is still prone to bouncing straight up and down when he gets excited, but now he settles quickly. Sometimes a soft touch on the jaw reminds him that the person holding the leash is still there and might want to scratch his chin. He just can’t resist a good chin rub!

Recently a staff person took Bruce on a sleepover. The Bruce was a gentleman and showed us that he might be able to live with a female doggy friend and that he definitely knows how to relax and enjoy a soft blanket-strewn bed.

Bruce sleeping soundly


We’ll never stop looking for Bruce’s perfect home — one that will help him stay active and has people who don’t mind bringing him lots of toys. It will need to be a home without cats or other small pets. But you see, when you have “The Bruce” in your life, you really don’t need much more.

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