Bug came to the Sanctuary clinging to life.

Bug the filly getting a bandage changed

Those early days were touch and go. But Bug wanted to live and everyone involved with her care leaned in and helped the frightfully wounded filly.

Heat lamps chase away the chilly evening as Bug receives care

Heat lamps helped keep Bug warm on chilly nights and bandage changes happened at all hours. Slowly but surely Bug started to heal, and as she healed and grew, a different metamorphosis began.

As Bug matured her once dark gray coat began to change. 

Bug makes her itchy face

There was the 'light gray' phase...

Bug on the mend

And perhaps everyones favorite 'eyebrow' phase...

Bug's very distinctive eyebrows

Today, it can be hard to spot Bug as she grazes in one of Horse Haven's pastures. She is bright white, or slighty pink if she has enjoyed a good roll in the sand, and not nearly as fragile as she once was.

Beautiful Bug the now white horse

Thanks to Bug's very own fighting spirit, the determination of caregivers and veterinary staff to help her heal and the generosity of donors who make everything possible, Bug will have the chance to live a full life as a beloved companion and family member.