Popeye was a surprise to the caregivers at The Bunny House. Shortly after his mom’s rescue, she gave birth. Popeye was one of her bunny babies (or kit). He’s only known life at Best Friends, where there are plenty of food and toys, lots of kind handling and socialization, and fantastic veterinary care.

For Gruff, everything is new since he was rescued and brought to the Sanctuary. After arrival and the necessary quarantine, caregivers considered who would make a great friend for Gruff and show him the ropes? Popeye came to mind, and so the careful caregiver dance began as they tested their hunch.

Bunnies do better with a companion, but not just any bunny will do. They have strong opinions about who they want to spend time with. Bunny battles are no joking matter, and they can result in serious injury to the losing rabbit. So caregivers move slowly and methodically — making sure the bunnies are safe and happy with their new friend.

Gruff and Popeye are in the midst of this introduction period. Gruff is a bit bigger, so that’s the only way I could tell these two shiny white rabbits apart. All indications are positive that these two will make fantastic life-long companions and will enrich each other's lives.