Caille is a long-haired gal with “tortitude.” She came to the Sanctuary in November from California and is slowly giving us hints of her true personality. Caille is skeptical of most folks, but she is beginning to relax and allow caregivers to give her gentle pets. New people? Not so much yet.

A long stretch feels great

With visitors and volunteers, Caille prefers to stay out of reach. She is curious and will follow people around, but if you reach for her and push into her personal space, she’ll give you a swat. Torties make sure you understand your place and will quickly remind you when you break a rule.

There wasn’t any meanness in her reaction — just fear. Fear is kind of tricky. There is no quick fix (only time and tender, thoughtful care). But all signs are hopeful and Caille is making slow and steady progress. She’s giving people more second chances, and she’s not fleeing as much. She’s even started to play.

Calm and collected Caille is learning to trust

We’ll help Caille feel more comfortable and confident with people. In her own time, she’ll decide if she wants to be a lap cat or not. And hopefully someday soon a visitor will see past her defenses and give her a home of her own where she can blossom into the confident kitty that we’ve seen glimpses of.