Saint is working hard to live up to his name. This young heeler mix is so full of energy that sometimes it overflows into less-than-saintly behavior. Saint loves people, but he is distracted easily by his neighbors and will dash off to make sure they are not having more fun than he is.

Saint recently completed heartworm treatment. That treatment requires lots of rest. So, perhaps this busy boy is making up for lost time by racing up and down the fence line with his neighbors.

This week I “dognapped” Saint. I stole him away from the busy pace of Dogtown and we went for a ride and a hike. Turns out this was a good call. What a delightful and engaged pup! Saint will need to work on his car skills, though, and he was a little silly after our hike.


(Note: We were parked on a very quiet dirt road on the Sanctuary property. Saint was right-side up before we resumed our ride.)

Saint is smart and loving. He walked very well on leash and enjoyed our jaunt into the wild. Saint would look back and check in, as if to ask “Am I doing this right?” He was eager to see what was around the next bend, but also happy to just sit and enjoy the view. Gone was the distracted dog I’d met earlier in his run. This guy was polite, focused and a real pleasure to be around.

Soon enough it was time to bring Saint back to his octagon at The Garden. Once his harness was off, Saint gave me a quick goodbye kiss and ran outside to investigate what the neighbors had been up to while he’d been away.

I had met the real Saint, and now I could easily see beyond his hyena-like bark and fence-racing shenanigans. He’ll need help to stay in that saintly zone. The perfect home for him will have an active lifestyle that will support his need to be physically active and mentally challenged. With those needs met, Saint is an easy guy to love.