CB arrived at Best Friends from a network partner shelter in Arizona as a spunky, spry young girl, full of love and full of energy. She enjoyed the company of people so much that it caused her to get very excited and sometimes that led to unwanted mouthiness, and when CB reached her threshold it was hard to calm her down.

It was easy to see that CB needed more exercise, for both her body and brain. First, we taught her a solid default “down” so that when she started to get mouthy we could ask for a “down” and redirect her energy. The key is to always have treats on you!

She gets daily long walks, which have really helped. Her caregivers have even taught her to run alongside a push scooter that they ride on. In addition to daily exercise for her body, we knew CB also needed to work her brain. She is a very smart girl and catches on quickly, so hard tricks were rather simple for her. So why not throw in some silly fun things?

When CB is training, the mouthiness dissipates and she is ready to learn and have fun. We found an old tire in our maintenance department and decided it would be an interesting tool. We started by getting CB used to the tire and comfortable around it. Then she caught on to going through the tire. She also learned how to pick up her toys on cue and then drop them in her toy box.

When CB was busy working, her unwanted mouthiness was no longer an issue. With the right exercise and training, CB has turned into a happy, polite, lively young girl. She would make a phenomenal companion animal in a home environment! Her caregivers are very proud of all the progress she has made and love her very much!