Have you ever been mistaken for someone famous — perhaps a musician, actor or athlete? It happens to felines as well. In fact, there’s a cat at Best Friends who looks so much like a certain someone, he’s named after him.

Sporting a handsome gray and white coat with impressive jowls, Little Benton bears an uncanny resemblance to Benton, a famous former Cat World resident.

Though Benton only had one eye and a bum leg, he had a larger-than-life personality. So large, in fact, that Benton’s House, built in 1995, was named in his honor. This building helped change people’s perceptions about adopting special-needs animals.

The original Little Benton
The original Benton inspecting a model of Benton House


Wow, that’s a big name to live up to. However, Little Benton wears it well. Like his namesake, he has an attitude. When he wants attention, he wants it now. Oh, and don’t forget the stroller. Little Benton loves stroller rides. His true expertise, though, shines in the kitchen. He’s even nicknamed Chef Benton. Since he’s a lobby cat, he enjoys taste-testing all meals. And who knows? Perhaps someday Little Benton will have a building named after him, too.

In the meantime, Little Benton, may I please have your autograph?

Little Benton is a solo artist, which means that he’s free. Even the flight to his new home is on the house. Consider adding this handsome superstar to your family.

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