Sadly just a few months after this update, Mozart's health declined rapidly. I am so sorry to report that in April surrounded by his caregivers he was gently released from this world. He will be placed at Angel's Overlook and remembered in the next monthly blessing.  ~Wendy 

Mozart, everyone’s favorite tuxedo cat, is doing great. He spends his day holding court at Cat World headquarters, solving food puzzles and getting some exercise by working on his agility with Dr. Frank. Recently, Mozart had a spa day. Because he was looking a little bedraggled, his coat was shaved. We all think that no matter what hair style, Mozart rocks. He always looks classy.

Mozart goes on many sleepovers with volunteers who report that his charming ways aren’t limited to Cat World. He is a confident, curious guy who enjoys the adventure of exploring every nook and cranny of the volunteers’ lodging, and also likes to snuggle up and watch TV.

We can’t help but hope that on one of these sleepovers some lucky volunteer will discover that Mozart is absolutely perfect for a family and adopt him on the spot. Until then, with your help, we’ll keep Mozart stylish, entertained and very much loved.

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