Word on the street is that Koda loves jumping up on people’s shoulders. Really? There’s not much I enjoy more than a feline shoulder-sitter. It’s like an extended kitty hug; so, when I visited his room in Colonel’s Barracks in Cat World, I encouraged him to leap up by tapping my shoulders. C’mon Koda. Jump, jump.  

Nope! If it were a movie, you’d hear crickets chirping and see Koda looking at me like I’d grown a second head.

Of course, cats rarely perform on demand and Koda is no exception; however, he did make a wonderful tour guide. He cheerfully showed me all over the room — both inside and outside. Then, as soon as Heather, his caregiver, came into the room, all rockets launched. He jumped right up on her shoulder.

Koda loves caregiver Heather


Perhaps I was just too eager and cats have a second sense for that kind of thing; however, in a home of his own, I’d bet Koda would be a shoulder-sitter extraordinaire. To help facilitate that love connection, Koda’s adoption fee is waived and even his flight home is covered.

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